How to Help Your Body Heal Faster

Ashleigh Low, registered Physiotherapist

This month we have a few tips for you guys on helping your body heal faster from current or chronic injuries. These are the posts which have been released over the past week and links to the Mayo Clinic resources where the information was gathered.

If you want a little more information on the importance of sleep, sleep hygiene, or sleep experiments to try you can find it on the Mayo Clinic Website. Click Here to be taken to more sleep information.

Giving your body the proper ‘building blocks’ it needs to heal comes in the form of nutrition. Lots of colourful fruits and veggies, not just the greens, will aid in recovery from an injury or after a workout.

For more information on the importance of nutrition Click Here to be taken to the resources from this post.

The importance of being properly hydrated can not be underestimated. Water is the body’s principal chemical component and makes up about sixty percent of your body weight.

To learn more about the importance of hydration from Mayo Clinic resources please check out Importance of Hydration and Bouncing Back After a Workout.

With mental health becoming less stigmatized and it’s importance increasingly promoted within mainstream news, it is no surprise it is featured here. Mental rest and Relaxation Techniques can help people cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems, such as heart disease and pain. Check out the hyperlink above to Mayo Clinic resources to learn more.

Last but not least Stress Management. Stress, especially prolonged or long-term stress can have very detrimental effects on the global health of an individual and healing times. Stress will never disappear from your life. However, stress management needs to be ongoing. Pay attention to what causes your stress and practising ways to relax. The Mayo Clinic has some great resources that can help you get started. Get there by clicking on the hyperlink above.

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