Power Lifting and Weightlifting Injury Prevention Seminar

Ashleigh Low, registered Physiotherapist
March 24th, 2019- This past weekend we were lucky enough to speak with trainers, coaches and athletes at #thevault! This seminar covered why injuries happen, how to spot compensatory movement patterns during heavy lifts, and the important movements/exercises to complete during your warm up to stay out of trouble.

Dr. Aras Kvedaras, owner of the #ActiveReliefCentre, was kind enough to volunteer his time and kicked off the talk. Aras provided the group with valuable competition insights from his twenty years of clinical experience and over a decade of contest experience with the Canadian Powerlifting Union. Needless to say this was also a great learning experience for Brook and I.

Thank you to everyone who came out to learn a little bit more. Huge thanks to Mark Griffin for hosting us and to Brook Bennie for setting it up! See you guys at the next one!

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