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Please alert us to potential false reviews or reviews not posted by a real customer. To report misuse of this site please contact us. American Logistics Company is a passenger transportation management company serving transit agencies, school districts and the healthcare industry. Our approach to transportation management enables us to evolve with the changing landscape. We understand how fast our world is moving from ride-share to autonomous vehicles.

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  • I emphatically stated that the balance was the 797 minus the 225.
  • I am calling him for 6 months, and he is very rude and just shouting on the phone and each time, he acts like it is the first time that I am calling.
  • All content is posted anonymously by employees working at American Logistics .
  • You can work as long as you like or take as much time off as you’d like.

All content is posted anonymously by employees working at American Logistics . Our platform enables your brand to extend the customer experience you work so hard on. Integration to our vast transportation provider network provides insight to mobility activity ensuring accountability.

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The work is simple if you’re used to call-centers and are proficient in data entry skills. The office environment felt tremendously more laid back compared to other places, and nearly every other agent and supervisor were a pleasure to work with. Culture is great and and management does hear you out if there’s a problem. I rate it 3stars because I’m frustrated with the changes they have made. Browse through the best of Northridge, CA Auto Transport companies to move your car. American Logistics Services, LLC operates as a food and beverage wholesale company. © 2022 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

Company is horrible, owner is cheap cuts corners on his clients and staff. Been uss express testimonials in business too long has no clue how to run a company or treat people.

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We only had 2 10 minute breaks with a 30 minute lunch when most places give you 2 15 minute breaks. I have worked for the company for a year and half.

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Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if American Logistics is right for you. That way, uss express review I don’t have to go looking for another moving company. They already know my inventory and what’s going on. We check our movers against all kinds of standards, and If we see something suspicious, we cut them from our list.

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