Spinal Health and Movement Coaching Seminar

Ashleigh Low, registered Physiotherapist
March 8th, 2019- Today our team had the opportunity to pass on some of our knowledge to the amazing trainers at Momentum Fitness on Frid St. in Hamilton. This group is always super welcoming, keen to learn, and excited to get involved. Working with trainers is a big part of our profession. They are a crucial link in making sure each patient has a safe and supportive environment, to enter or re-enter the fitness world, once injuries have healed. We really appreciate you guys having us back for a second seminar! Thanks for making presenting so easy 🙂


Gastown Physio and Pilates

#306-560 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC.

V6B 2L3

Wed & Fri 12:00 – 19:30


Change Pain Clinic
5655 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
V5Z 3A4

Mon, Tue & Thurs 07:45 – 12:30